"With just a few strokes of the grinder's blade, Schodda is able to capture the power and awe of a salmon's return to it's origin, the patience and calm of the hunting heron or the beauty and wonder of a raptor's feather. 


Devoid of color and superfluous detail, yet rich in depth, nuance and movement, his work examines the core of our relationship with our natural surroundings."


— Anacortes Arts Commission 2018


Working primarily in metal, Schodda freehand draws the images of fish, birds, and feathers onto stainless steel with an angle grinder, using a technique he's honed over 25 years as a metal artist. The final result is a smooth to the touch, holographic image. As in their natural habitat the fish seem disguised in a watery medium — fading and reappearing as the light or viewing angle changes.





by nature

My process of etching (or burnishing) the metal results in an image that appears to move and change as your eyes rove across the artwork. Each piece is unique as they are done by hand using a technique I have honed over 25 years of metalworking.

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