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THANK YOU for your interest in my art. I get many requests for donations, sometimes up to 1 (or more) per week from organizations doing great work in the community. Unfortunately, I cannot answer all of these requests with work. I find it very difficult to decline a request, as I know the organization is doing great work with the money raised. It is going to kids, people in tough situations, animals, salmon habitat restoration, and more.


With that in mind, and having researched what other artists do in this respect, I have settled on a few guidelines to navigate the process.


First, about my art. I am fortunate to be able to sell everything I produce. This is probably a result of working in an unusual medium with high impact and subject matter of iconic Pacific Northwest imagery. I cannot do prints in my medium. Every piece is an original, created by my hand. There are no second tiers of expense which most artists have. I generally have a very small inventory of unsold pieces. That said…

  • I prefer to donate to local organizations (Puget Sound)

  • I rarely donate to an organization two years in a row, unless they purchase the piece (see next point).

  • On successive years, the organization will often buy the piece at a wholesale price rather than ask for the donation knowing they will have a substantial profit.

  • I accept most requests in January for the upcoming year. It makes it easier to plan out my production schedule.

  • I often hear "you'll get good exposure". This is common and the "exposure" promised is rarely received.I'd rather not have that discussion.

  • If you follow my easy lighting and display guidelines, the art usually sells itself for much more money. I can provide an easel and light, but I require those to be returned immediately after the event.

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