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Backsplash Options

My etched stainless backsplashes are a beautiful and elegant addition to any kitchen. The images come alive under the range hood or cabinet lights and become a focal point of the kitchen. With the lights off, they seem to fade and re-emerge as the natural light or your viewing angle changes. Popular images here in the Pacific Northwest are salmon, steelhead, and trout, along with heron and more subtle patterns like water, eelgrass, bamboo, and cattails. I have been asked to, and refined, more representational artwork like animals and scenery, but I feel those are themes that are not well-suited to this technique.

The backsplashes are affordable, easy to install and maintain, and will last a lifetime with proper care. Each piece is original and done by hand using a technique I have honed over the past 25 years. Click on the images below for details.

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