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Cleaning Your Stainless Artwork

It's easy! Clean it monthly to wipe away accumulations of dust or grime. 


Just spray with stainless steel cleaner — the same products used on stainless appliances and a soft, lint-free cloth. I use a water-based Weiman's product with great results. It's streaky at first, but it evaporates as you continue to wipe.

  • If it has been more than a few months, dampen a soft cloth (like an old t-shirt) with water and a few drops of dish soap (like Dawn). Gently wipe away grime/dust/fly specks. Wipe until dry, then use the stainless cleaner as instructed above.

  • If it's been year's since it's had a good cleaning, and these instructions haven't worked as well as you'd like, contact me directly and I'll give you the heavy-duty solution.

Here's a handy video to walk you through the process.

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How to clean your stainless artwork

How to clean your stainless artwork

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